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Christmas Favors

Treat your friends to hot chocolate & marshmallows in a jar. Just pour contents into a mug of hot water and enjoy! 

$4.50 per jar

50 jars for $150 *SPECIAL PROMOTION (Only applies to bulk purchase of 50 jars)

Each sack comes with 1 packet of floral tea

( Choose between floral tea/ Allerine tea)

$2.20 with 1 packet of floral tea (min 20 pc)

$3.00 with 2 satchets of Allerine tea (min 20 pc)

Minty greens

Minty chocolate M&Ms in pudding glass jar makes cute little gifts for friends and family!

$4.50 per jar (min 10 jars)

Cookie pack

Each pack comes with 8 pc delicious chocolate chip cookie

$4.50 per pack (min 10 packs)

Cookie-Tea Box

Each box comes with 5pc delicious chocolate chip cookie and 1 packet of floral tea. Bx dimensions :85x75x70mm

$5.00 per box (min 10 boxes)

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