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Kittea Tea Blends

are specially curated tea blends that are created to reflect every cat's unique breed personality and place of origin. 


*Kiitea Tea Blends comes in 10g packs

tea blends

The Laperm - Sea. Wolf. Apple.

Seaberries, wolfberries and hibiscus lend a tantalizing tartness, while apples, lemongrass and fragrant rosehip bring a mellow sweetness. One part tea and one part power-packed antioxidant brew, The Laperm is the perfect way to start or end the day. 

tea blends

The British Shorthair - Earl Grey

The British Shorthair hails from a long line of tea aristo"cats”. A full-bodied black tea with luscious bergamot, blue cornflowers, and a touch of citrus; he’s a true blue blood who likes to be called Sir and will go wonderfully with some freshly baked scones.

tea blends
tea blends
tea blends

The Scottish Fold - Scottish Morning

Wholesome and cultivated, The Scottish Fold has a roundness to her that makes her easy to live with. Born and bred where the air is fresh and the soil is fertile, she’s a timeless blend of rich China, malty Ceylon and strong Assam for a robust cup of sunshine.

The Abyssinian - Pomegranate Rooibos

Indulge in the honey-toned taste of South African rooibos with a succulent twist of pomegranate, cranberries and mallow blossoms. The Abyssinian is ideal for those looking for a caffeine-free herbal tea with real force of flavor and a creamy finish. 

The Norwegian Forest - Prince of the Forest

Little known fact: Every Norwegian Forest grows up wanting to be the next Prince of the Forest. And for good reasons. A hibiscus tea base with real pieces of papaya, and an array of berries and currants. Surprisingly strong and deliciously rich, stride through the forest with this caffeine-free blend.

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